The Middest Snow on Earth


Facts About Colorado

Provided below is a list of reasons on why you should probably ski Colorado, instead of skiing Utah.

Skiable Acreage

Did you know that Colorado has over 43,553 lift-accessible skiable acreage?
That's almost 14,000 more acres of accessible terrain compared to the Wasatch!

Number of Resorts

Did you know that Colorado boasts 32 ski resorts? That is about twice as many as Utah.


Colorado ski resorts are nearly double the size of Utah resorts, that means more skiing for you and your loved ones.


Acres of Skiing


Ski Resorts


Ski Resort Parking

54.05 mi

Denver is the largest U.S. airport by land area

Elevation Baby

Colorado is king when it comes to elevation (Colorado has more 14ers than any state and is the highest state on average). Utah has no 14ers and is the 3rd highest state on average.

Renewable Energy

Colorado is a leader in renewable energy, with the state generating more than 23% of its electricity from wind and solar power.

Craft Beer

Colorado has a thriving craft beer scene, with over 400 breweries and counting.